The D’s

Okay here is the D’s of the Halloween musical selections that I have complied over the years. Updated 2017. 

Again it is a wide variety with lots of styles represented:  some kids, some scary, some funny, some gross, and some just damn weird.


D.O.A. by Bloodrock
Dana’s Theme by Elmer Bernstein
Dance Magic Dance by David Bowie
Dance of Terror by Manuel De Falla
Dance of the Dead by Iron Maiden
Dance of the Knights (Romeo and Juliet) by Prokofiev
Dance of the Witches by John Williams
Dancin’ in the Moonlight by King Harvest
Dancing the Devil Away by Frank Luther
Dandy’s in the Underworld by T.Rex
Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six
Danse Macabre by Camille Saint Saëns
Danse Macabre by Halloween Allstars
Dare you enter by Kids Halloween Party Band
Dark as a Dungeon by Johnny Cash
Dark Chest of Wonders by Nightwish
Dark Lady by Cher
Dark Shadows Theme Song by Julianne Baird
Dark was the night, Cold is the Ground by Blind Willie Johnson
Dark Water Theme by Angelo Badalamenti
Darkness by Aerosmith
Darkness from ‘Israel in Egypt’ by Handel
Daughter of Darkness by Tom Jones
De natura sonoris 2 by Penderecki
Dead Babies, by Alice Cooper
Dead Boy’s Poem by Nightwish
Dead by Pixies
Dead Gardens by Nightwish
Dead Man Walking by Bruce Springsteen
Dead Man Walking by David Bowie
Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
Dead Memories by Slipknot
Dead or Alive by Oingo Boingo
Dead Skin Mask by Slayer
Dead Souls by Joy Division
Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails
Dead to the World by Nightwish
Deal With the Devil by Judas Priest
Deal With the Devil by Pop Evil
Death at The Chapel by The Horrors
Death Blooms-Mudvayne
Death Letter by Johnny Farmer
Death Lord by Psych Ward Psymphony
Death Proof Theme “The Last Race” by Jack Nitzsche
Death Ray Boogie by Pete Johnson
Death Trip by Iggy Pop & the Stooges
Death Waltz by Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson
Dem Bones by The Little Spooks
Dementia 13 by The Gruesomes
Demon by Daemonia
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Demons by Guster
Demons by Super Furry Animals
Demon’s Dance by Jackie McLean
Der Vampyr by Marschner
Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron
Devil Doll Roy Orbison
Devil Has Thrown Him Down (The) by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Devil House by Shonen Knife
Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley
Devil in My Car by the Bby52s
Devil Inside by INXS
Devil Man by Rob Zombie
Devil or Angel by The Clovers
Devil Sent You to Lorado (The) by Baccara
Devil Song by Beth Orton
Devil Town by Bright Eyes
Devil Walking by Mark Knight,
Devil Went Back To Georgia (The) by Johnny Cash
Devil Went Down To Georgia (The) by Charlie Daniels Band
Devil with a Blue Dress on by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Devil with the Devil Says I (The) by Larry Clinton
Devil Woman by Cliff Richard
Devil Woman by Marty Robbins
Devil’s Ball by The World Inferno Friendship Society
Devil’s Child by Judas Priest
Devil’s Den by Clarence Brewer
Devil’s Haircut by Beck
Devil’s Dance (The) by Igor Stravinsky
Devil’s Food by Alice Cooper
Devil’s Gun by Cerrone
Devil’s Haircut by Beck
Devil’s Oath by the Mannheim Steamroller
Devils of Loudun by Penderecki
Diabolo’s Theme by Ghastly Ones
Diary of a Madman by Ozzy Osbourne
Die Die My Darling by The Misfits
Dies Irae (The) by Penderecki
Dies Irae Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Dies Irae Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi
Dieu Parmi Nous, from La Nativité du Seigneur (Movt IV) by Olivier Messiaen
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead by Fifth Estate
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead by Gingerbread
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead by Glenn Miller
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead by Hairy & Scary Creatures
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead by Kids Halloween Party Band
Dinner With Drac by John Zacherle
Disco by The Little Spooks
Disco Mummy by Count Crow
Disney Villains Mirror by Disney
Disturbia by Rihanna
Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en by NAHPI(North American Hallowe’en Prevention Initiative)
Doctor by Sha Na Na
Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Kidzone
Doin’ the Zombie by Chubby Checker
Doll by BuckbyTick
Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark by Robert Cray
Don’t Wanna Fall in Love by Jane Child
Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John “Lost Boys” soundtrack
Dope Hat by Marilyn Manson
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde by John Entwhistle (The Who)
Drack’s back by Billy Demarco
Dracula by The Marbles
Dracula by The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Dracula by Gorillaz
Dracula by Philip Feeney (Ballet)
Dracula by Rob Zombie
Dracula Cha Cha Cha by Bruno Martino
Dracula Soundtrack
Dracula’s Castle by New Order
Dracula’s Wedding by Outkast
Dracula’s Deuce by Ghouls
Dracula’s Lament by Jason Segel
Dracula’s Return by Gabriel Dell
Dracula’s Return by Gabriel Dell
Dragula by Rob Zombie
Dream Evil by Dio
Dream Warriors by Dokken
Dreams of a Witches’ Sabbath from Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz
Du Hast by Rammstein



Check out:

One of my favorite songs is here in this list: Dance of the Dead by Iron Maiden, it is a great song to put on while writing horror stories.  

Dancing the Devil Away performed by crooner, Frank Luther and was featured in the film musical “The Cuckoos” produced in the year 1930. Here is a video of that

Dark Lady by Cher is always a must

2017 addition is Dark as a Dungeon by Johnny Cash. Just some background Dark as a Dungeon written by Merle Travis in 1946 and popular song for country-western singers: example Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Harry Belafonte, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Another great one to get you into that spooky state is Dies Irae Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, by far my favorite composer next to Wagner.

The ballet Dracula by Fenney spectacular music one must hear. The popular and successful balletic Dracula adaptation by Michael Pink and Christopher Gable premiered in 1997, to commemorate the centenary publication of the novel. It was created for the Northern Ballet Theatre in the United Kingdom. The production stays as faithful to the book as possible in non-verbal theatre. Original music was composed by Philip Feeney. 

The Devil With The Devil was composed by band leader Larry Clinton. The Great Depression was still in full swing and it more or less sang of “living it up and to heck with tomorrow or the Devil.”

Here are a few lyrics:

You’re so afraid of Old Man Satan.
Why don’t you quit your hesitatin’.
You’re going to be a long time dead….
So the Devil with the Devil says I!
Watch out for the Devil.
Watch out for the Devil.
The Devil with the Devil says I!

But before you finish your scary listening day try out The Devil’s Dance by Stravinsky. He wrote this piece, short and sweet as they say for the theatrical work Histoire du Soldat. Originally the piece only incorporated two woodwinds, two brass, two strings, and one solo percussionist

Danse Macabre  by Camille Saint-Saëns is based upon a poem by Henri Cazalis from an old French superstition in which “Death” appears at midnight every year on Halloween. At that time Death has the power to call forth the dead from their graves to dance for him until dawn, when they must return to their graves until the next year. The piece makes particular use of the xylophone to imitate the sounds of rattling bones. Here are a couple videos on this…. enjoy

(1980’s cartoon)

ooo got to include one more … however this is more based on the idea of Danse Macabre. Carl Stalling explained, in a 1969 interview, that it was actually a foxtrot set in a minor key. The idea was a suggestion for a series of musical one-shot cartoons to Disney at a gag meeting. Stalling also used and adapted Grieg’s “The March of the Trolls” for part of the skeleton dance

(1929 cartoon)

The French poem translated into English:

Zig, zig, zig, Death in cadence,
Striking a tomb with his heel,
Death at midnight plays a dancebytune,
Zig, zig, zag, on his violin.

The winter wind blows, and the night is dark;
Moans are heard in the linden trees.
White skeletons pass through the gloom,
Running and leaping in their shrouds.
Zig, zig, zig, each one is frisking,

You can hear the cracking of the bones of the dancers.
A lustful couple sits on the moss
So as to taste long lost delights.
Zig zig, zig, Death continues

The unending scraping on his instrument.
A veil has fallen! The dancer is naked.
Her partner grasps her amorously.
The lady, it’s said, is a marchioness or baroness
And her green gallant, a poor cartwright.
Horror! Look how she gives herself to him,
Like the rustic was a baron.
Zig, zig, zig. What a saraband!

They all hold hands and dance in circles.
Zig, zig, zag. You can see in the crowd
The king dancing among the peasants.
But hist! All of a sudden, they leave the dance,
They push forward, they fly; the cock has crowed.
Oh what a beautiful night for the poor world!
Long live death and equality!


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